Welcome to Yoga For

Your Belly  
by Georgia Morley


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Welcome to Yoga For

Your Belly  
by Georgia Morley

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Love Every Moment of Your Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum and Motherhood Journey.


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“While the United States has perhaps the most advanced health care system in the world, it also has the second-highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation, and many have begun to question conventional wisdom regarding the way obstetricians deal with childbirth.”

-Ricky Lake- (The Business of Being Born)


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Discover how to end...


1. Hormone imbalances

2. Negative self talk


4. Shame and blame

5. Overwhelm

6. Isolate in your experiences


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“If you want to overcome your anxieties and fears during your pregnancy so you can thrive in health for your body and your baby, you absolutely need to be advised by the best coaches out there with the most current knowledge available”

-Georgia Morley-



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About Georgia

Georgia Morley is a Certified Birth Doula, Holistic Nutritionist and Emotional Resilience Coach. Her 13 years of knowledge as a holistic nutritionist and coach offer new and important ways to serve women and their entire experience through Motherhood and beyond; eliminating struggles with anaemia, diabetes, preeclampsia, depression, hormone alignment, self-love and partnership to name a few.

Together with her partner in Love, Life and Legacy- Silver Storic, Georgia is set to serve over 30,000 women in 2021 to their amazing bodies, babies, partners and purpose.

Georgia’s journey into empowering women with their birthing experiences came from her own experience of childbirth.  While on one hand she felt very out of control and without choice, on the other she had never felt more powerful in her life.  She recalls that for a few brief moments while birthing her son, she saw and felt a connection to that which is most tenacious, loving, trusting and courageous – that which was completely within her. She has subsequently committed herself to supporting women everywhere to help them feel ready to birth their babies and to choose differently, without judgment of themselves.

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